Discover The Real Reason Why the Top 20% of the Salespeople Product 80% of the Revenue...

      • Discover the six simple principles to multiply sales,
      • Learn how to create "Raving Fan" repeat customers,
      • Understand why many salespeople work tirelessly all their lives and still come up short,
      • Learn what "sale naturals" know intuitively,
      • Discover how to build a burgeoning pipeline of qualified customers by committing to only one extra hour of work a week, and
      • Learn why “the best” don't follow the company’s rules, they make up there own...


      Winning Customers the 80/20 Way: 

      How successful business producers multiply sales by doing less

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      What Customers Are Saying...


      "After two months of using 'Winning Customers the 80/20 Way,' my sales had increased by 22%. After six months they had doubled. It's been eighteen months now and I am doing over 3 times as much sales volume as I did two years ago!"

      Beatrice King, Real Estate Broker, Cameron,  MO

      "I was surprised at how simple it was to draw in customers who actually wanted to hear from me, instead of me "hammering" non-qualified leads who just wanted the free t-shirt..."

      Tim Eriksson, Insurance Agent, West Bend, Wisconsin

      "Jonathan Winter's methods take a little commitment, but for "one extra hour of work a week," I have increased my production by 87% in the last three months. I can't wait to see what happens after a year!"

      Leonard Schneider, "Success" Gift Sales, Stowe, Vermont

      "I make far more money and have more time with my family now than I have ever in my life!"

      Erin Bieszk, Industrial Equipment Sales, Pensacola, Florida

      "Selling is sometimes a hard life, but it becomes a lot easier if your customers come to you. Sales volume has doubled and I am much happier with my job today than I was five months ago."

      Peter Cooper, Business Broker, Las Cruces, New Mexico